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Email marketing is the use of email to promote your business by emailing people about the goods or services your business offers. Marketing and advertising is an important aspect of business promotion and by using the computer and emails you can reach people on an international level. Email marketing can be done through direct promotional emails to customers and potential customers in an effort to persuade them to purchase your goods or service on a first time or recurring basis. The emails can be designed in such a way that it helps promote customer loyalty and enhances their experience working with you using things such as coupons or freebie promotions. Email marketing can also be done in such a way that the promotion is less evasive by simply placing your marketing message on an ad at the bottom of emails sent by other people.

Email marketing is similar to the direct advertisements, catalogues and print newsletters sent to you via snail mail. When using the advertisement at the bottom of another’s email approach, it is similar to the act of taking an advertisement out in a newspaper or magazine. However, some people have an issue with receiving unsolicited snail mail and their views on unsolicited emails are exactly the same. You never want to sent out emails to people that did not request the information. It can be viewed as ‘spam’ mail and if your company is reported as sending ‘spam’ to people, you could lose permissions to your accounts, your website could be shut down and you could actually be considered a criminal in some countries. Always make sure that you have permission from your customers or potential customers to send them marketing emails. This could be done by adding a simple checkbox to your ordering page or website that when checked by the customer gives you permission to send them future mailings.

Email marketing has become a very popular method of communication. It is considerably cheaper than all other forms of communication and it allows you access directly to your customer instead of having your customer come to you. When it is properly done, it is an extremely successful method of marketing your business. It takes work to design and deliver the message so that it gets to the right people and make it attractive enough for the customers to read and respond to it. And once they respond to it, you have to take the information they have given you, analyze it and use it to your advantage. Always make sure that your address lists are permission based before you hit the ‘send’ button no matter how good your email may be.

Types of Email Marketing

Direct Email – these emails have a promotional message within them that encourages the customer or potential customer to come view your business website and purchase your product. It can include a special offer, coupon, or other promotional item that can be used towards the purchase. These can be sent to a list of customers that your site has legally collected or to a permission based list from another company that you are partners with. In these emails, you can target your message to the customer.

Retention Email – these emails go to your existing customers in an effort to retain them as customers. They can take the form of newsletters, advertisements, and other promotional methods. The email should give the customers valued information that is more than just a sales message. It should be entertaining.

Advertising In Other People’s Emails – a method of piggybacking, you pay others or work with a partner company to place your advertisements in their emails to send to their subscribers. Some places allow you to do this for free, like email newsletters.

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