Ways To Build Permission-Based Email Lists

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If you have decided against using a canned e-mail list that you can purchase from e-mail list brokers and want to build your own permission based e-mail list, then you already know that it is going to take time and patience – a bit of aggressiveness on your part to keep it current – to build a client list that is going to bring you in some revenue. Here are 28 ways to help you build that list.

  • Put a sign-up form on every page of your website and make sure it is worded consistently throughout.
  • Put your call to action, testimonials, and sample e-mails on your sign-up page so that your customers know exactly what they are getting.
  • Offer incentives such as discounts, white papers, and special reports on your opt-in page to attract potential customers and give them a bit extra.
  • Make sure you website is search engine optimized so people can find you easier.
  • Use pay search engine service to promote your e-mail marketing campaign and make sure to include the e-mail subscription information on the landing page.
  • Add check boxes on all of your opt-in pages so there is no mistake as to what your customer chooses to subscribe to.
  • Bundle promotional campaigns like ‘send to a friend’ together with your e-mail to promote new subscribers.
  • If you send out snail mail, include your e-mail on the items and encourage online subscriptions.
  • Ask all of your employees to include an attractive subscription link in their message and e-mail signature lines.
  • Ask all of your employees to obtain permission to e-mail your customers while they are on the telephone with them and to capture the customers e-mail address at the same time.
  • Send post cards to your customers who have not yet opted-in to the e-mail subscription and invite them to do so.
  • Provide people at seminars and conferences with sample newsletter and handouts promoting your company and e-mail subscriptions.
  • Purchase or rent a permission based e-mail list to promote your company.
  • Add subscription information and promote your opt-ins on all e-mail confirmation and transaction correspondence.
  • If you accept credit cards, have your opt-in information printed on the bottom of your customer’s receipts.
  • Put your opt-in information on registration and warranty cards.
  • Put your opt-in information on the bottom of your invoices.
  • If you are a retail chain that has a website, post your e-mail subscription information at the cash register so everyone can see it.
  • Include your newsletter link in your article bylines.
  • Use opt-in messages and check boxes on your shopping cart pages.
  • If you have partnership with another company, promote your online newsletter with them in their online or print magazines, newsletters and brochures. Also, promote it trade publications.
  • Include opt-in subscription information on trade show lead generation forms.
  • Promote your opt-in subscription in industry and trade directories.
  • Send out a press release on one of your newsletter articles with the subscription link included.
  • Include information about your newsletter at the bottom of your press release with the opt-in information.
  • Add opt-in information to customer surveys.
  • Place promotional flyers with the opt-in information in shipments to customers.
  • Use an e-mail list service that is reputable.

Always make sure you obtain permission from your customers – both on and off line – to send them your e-mail marketing campaigns. If it's possible, obtain their preferred format preference and interested beforehand. Inactive customers could be enticed back to you with incentives and information on your valuable benefits. If they still remain inactive, purge them from your list. Finally, make sure you customers know what your privacy and e-mail policies are.

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