Strategies To Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers

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Getting inactive subscribers interested in what you offer is tricky but it can be done. It takes a little bit of creative marketing on your part, but if you can re-interest them, you will regain a valuable resource. Here are some tips that you may find helpful in getting your inactive subscribers active once again. Firstly you can remind them why they signed up for your e-mails.


Review your e-mail list segmentation

Take all of your inactive subscribers and see where they fall in your segmentations. Once you have done that, separate your inactive subscribers and your active subscribers within the segmentation and then develop a separate content for the inactive subscribers based on the content you use for the active ones. Test out different content with the inactive subscribers until you find the one that works and draws them back into the fold. Use the same strategy for all of your other inactive subscriber segmentation.

Send out a survey

Invite all of your subscribers to participate in a survey about your company and send the information out to them on a regular basis. Ask them for suggestions and about the type of content they would like to see in future e-mails. To be the catalyst you need to make inactive subscribers respond to you and become active once again. Those who do not respond whatsoever can be safely removed from your list.

Verify that you have the correct e-mail address

One of the biggest reasons for people to become inactive is the one when they change their e-mail account. You can try and obtain a new e-mail address for these inactive subscribers by opting in to a service that accepts ‘chronic non-responder’ e-mails and attempts to update the e-mails for you. Many companies are adopting this practice in order to keep their revenue up and their house e-mail databases up to date.

Evaluate the risk of continuing to send e-mails to non-responders

More likely there is no problem in sending e-mails to inactive e-mail addresses. Usually these people have no interest in taking time to even report you as a spammer. You do need to be careful, however, that your e-mails are not stuck in ISP ‘spam traps’. The ISPs have no idea that you are a legitimate company. The best thing to do is to review your e-mail database once a year and purge those ones who didn't react to any of your recent attempts to interest them again in your company.

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