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Segmenting your e-mail contact list is a way for companies to streamline their e-mail marketing campaigns to make them more effective. Segmentation can be by demographic, behavior, or a combination of both. Unfortunately many companies have yet to segment their lists simply because of the time it takes and they are not sure exactly how to go about doing it. Here we walk you through segmenting your e-mail list using the click-through tracking.


Getting started

The first step in segmenting your e-mail list is determining exactly how you want to do it. Segmentation can be simple or complex, but until you learn and get used to segmenting your list, the simpler you make it, the better off you’ll be. Look at your products and services and group them together in different area. Then analyze these areas to see if you have enough information, resources, and content or merchandise to be able to develop and deliver useful e-mails to each segment.

Analyzing problem segments

If one segment has a low number of preferences on your list – such as only a handful of people purchased a specific item or service – then you may want either to group them into another segment, or work on developing a more comprehensive marketing strategy on those items or services.

Expand your captured subscriber information

A segment that has low information that cannot be moved into another segment presents an outstanding issue, especially if you have more than one segment that is lacking. In this case, you need to change a few things, subscriber information being one of them. Expand how you get your customers information. Start using information captured when they sign up for newsletters in addition to when they purchase something from you.

If even after you’ve added that information to your segment you find it still too low, it’s time to look at the click-through reporting tools that you have in place. These tools will give you a report of who and where exactly clicked on your website. The basic approach is to select the URL you want a report on and then the particular messages or links that were clicked. Run the report and download it into Excel or whatever spreadsheet program your company uses. Delete the addresses of anyone already on your segment list and then add who is left. Upload the new information into your existing member records. Send out your prepared e-mail message that is tailored to your specific segment.

Begin to use dynamic messages

Once you have settled into a segmentation that works for you and your company, begin assembling your e-mail messages dynamically, giving them a more ‘on the fly’ feel for that segment instead of seeming very mechanical. Use special promotions and additional information your click-through tracking has given you to prepare your e-mails. As you get better at segmentation, you’ll be able to start cross-promoting your services and products.

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