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Look at your customers' information that they provided you. Have they included cell phone numbers? Are most of your customers cellular connected? If they are, then you may have another e-mail marketing outlet to use: mobile phones. Today, cell phones can do just about everything short of washing the dishes, so why not utilize this outlet? It’s one of the best ways to make your business and e-mail marketing program completely customer oriented.

The first thing you need to do is determine how your e-mails are read by your customers. Are they being read via their desktop or laptop computer? Or are your customers accessing them through their mobile device. You can find out by placing both a HTML and text version of your message on your website, adding a link to them, and then seeing which one is selected the most often. If more than 10% of your customers click on the text version, then it’s safe to say that they are reading your mail on their mobile phones.

There are a few things you will need to consider when preparing an e-mail marketing campaign that will work with your customers mobile phones. Remember that the e-mail platform and viewing pane will differ from a normal e-mail. Mobile phones will render graphics differently, so you may want to send the e-mails as text. Be patient about how quickly your e-mails are read as well. Some of your customers may only read their e-mails on their mobile phones when they are far from a land based computer.

Are you still interested in e-mail marketing to your customer’s mobile phones? Then here is how you need to optimize the messages for ease of reading.

  • Reformat the text of your e-mail so that it will display clearly and easily on the smaller mobile phone screen. 20 to 40 characters per line and 12 to 15 lines per screen are optimal.
  • Simplify your URLs. Mobile phones will show a tracking line on four to five lines per screen, so you need to use a shorter text version. Be forewarned that you may lose some of the tracking ability using this method.
  • Keep you messages as short as possible otherwise the messages will be truncated and your customers will only get half of your message.
  • Consider making your website mobile-friendly as well so that it will render properly on your customers mobile phone.

Consider putting a mobile phone option on your subscription or registration page so that you can track how many people would use this option. Put a mobile link into your online message copy to make it easier for mobile customers to access. Keep all boilerplate information to a bare minimum and always test the message before mass e-mailing it so you know how it is going to appear on your customer’s mobile phones. Remember to keep the messages short, to the point and include information in it that will make your customers save your e-mail to read in more depth when they get to their land based computer system.

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