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When you weigh the pros and cons of e-mail marketing as compared to direct mail marketing – i.e. snail mail – one thing that many people need to consider is the effect direct marketing has on our environment. While many people don’t appreciate what they consider junk mail in their e-mail folders, the toll direct marketing is taking on our environment is a bit of a sobering one.

Think about all of the flyers, catalogues, and promotional materials that you receive in your post office box. 90% of it is flipped through and then tossed away. Yes, this junk mail does keep the postal workers in business, it’s slowly destroying oxygen producing trees. It doesn’t matter if you’re an environmentalist or not, junk mail is destroying the environment. And if you are an environmentalist, then you appreciate the fact that you receive spam mail over your computer instead of in your post office box.

Here are a few pieces of information to help you put this problem into a clearer light. Use the information as you wish, keeping in mind that it’s being presented for informative purposes only. By the time you are finished reading, however, you may be more willing to contact those junk mail companies and ask them to remove your name from their list.

  • We destroy 2.6 million trees every year in order to produce junk mail.

Trees are the main source of paper and even though many companies have switched to recyclable products in the mailings, the majority have not. When you consider each piece of junk mail is two sheets of paper plus an envelope, and you figure out how many pieces of paper one tree produces, the math is very shocking indeed. That is not counting postcard mailers, newsletters, and multi paged catalogues. Add into that equation the gasoline that is burned to deliver the mail that you are just going to throw away.

  • Most households in the United States receive at least six pieces of junk mail a day.

Six pieces of junk mail a day multiplied by two sheets of paper and one envelope a day equals a lot of paper that is going into the trash. 18 pieces of paper times seven days a week times four weeks in a month times twelve months in a year…it’s adding up.

  • We can make a paper path to the moon.

If everyone in the world was to line up every piece of paper that they received in the mail that is junk mail, we could make a path to the moon every five days.

  • 2.6 million trees equal 1 billion pounds of landfill material.

When you convert the number of pages of paper a tree produces every year into a weight, you get 2 billion pounds of paper. Assuming that half of that is recycled – which is a big assumption – then 1 billion pounds of paper that could be recycled is sitting in a landfill doing nothing. That’s a lot of trees to be cut down and used for…well…nothing.

  • All of our yearly junk mail equals the amount of fifteen thousands military tanks.

One ton equals 2,000 pounds. One tank equals 67 tons. Considering that one years worth of junk mail equals 134 tons, it can equal the weight of 15,000 tanks. That’s almost twice as many tanks than the United States alone owns.

Junk mail is very quickly overtaking the landfills. There are many companies that are on recycle programs and many towns that encourage it but not enough people actually participating in the programs. Even if just one person recycled their junk mail, they could make a difference and save even just a small part of the environment for future generation.

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