E-Mail List Buying: Hints And Tips

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When you are preparing an e-mail marketing campaign, you may wish to look into purchasing a list of valid e-mail names and addresses in which the recipients have requested information from your market. Legislation and terminology regarding e-mail marketing is constantly changing so each business owner should make their choices in the most informed manner possible. Here are a few hints and tips that can help you with your lists while staying within the purview of the law.

Ask the broker you decide to use if you can see the registration page which is used to collect recipient addresses. This will allow you to see how their permissions are set. From there, sign-up for a few newsletters yourself so can see how the broker and other companies use your name and the level in which they communicate with you. You’ll be to see if they fit with you and your company.

  • Ask the broker who has been the most successful using their lists so you can understand the market segment.
  • Ask the broker to exclude generic e-mails from the list you purchase.
  • How many names are in the file you plan to purchase? If the list seems too big for your market segment, question the broker.
  • Make sure you understand what is included in the price the list broker has provided you so that you can build it into your project budget.
  • What about duplication? Can the broker de-dupe the list for you if compared to your house list?
  • Inquire as to what your reports will look like before you purchase the list. Ask if the report includes unique clicks, how many reports you’ll receive, and when you can get them.
  • Find out who takes care of the transmissions to and from the broker.
  • Ask the broker about bounced e-mails and what guarantees and assurances the broker has in place to accommodate for them. Some bounces are to be expected.

The more informed you are when you purchase your list, the better off your e-mail marketing campaign will be. If you do not investigate all of these options, your e-mail campaign could be misconstrued as a spamming blitz. If that happens, you could find your whole business closed down.

Always make sure you purchase your list from a legitimate broker who is willing to work with you to ensure that you are within the law and that the addresses are acceptable with the proper permissions.

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