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Being able to unsubscribe from your e-mail marketing campaign can be considered the clue to keep your customers. This shows your customers that you want them to read your e-mails on a voluntary basis and that you understand the case when they decide to opt out. But sometimes your customers really don’t want to opt out of everything you offer them. By giving them choices when they click the unsubscribe link, you’re letting them know that you understand that sometimes life just takes interesting turns. There are three ways to provide your customers an effective unsubscribe process. Let’s take a look at them.

Make opting out easy

When people opt out of receiving your e-mails it can mean that they simply need to stop reading them for a short period of time. They just want to change the way of communication with you and it doesn't always mean that they want to leave. However, those who wish to leave your e-mail list should find the process very easy to do. Put your unsubscribe link somewhere very visible in your e-mails and make it in very plain language that can be understood by the reader. Don’t cover it up with flowery wording. That’s not fair to the reader and, in a sense, not fair to you because you can set yourself up for being fingered as a spammer.

Give them opt out alternatives

Since we have established that many people want to change their relationship with your company and not really leave at all, we suggest that you direct them to a combination unsubscribe/change subscription preferences page. Once again, keep the link visible in the e-mail so they can find it. Include things like weekly digests instead of daily mail, options to change their e-mail address, receive an RSS feed or change to text version to accommodate new media. By offering them these choices, you show them that you are up to date with new technology and that they are valuable to you. If you publish more than one newsletter, give them opportunity to unsubscribe from one and subscribe to another in one place.

Ask for their feedback and comments

By asking for their feedback and comments, you may get some insight as to why they are leaving. Use a check box or drop down list of the most common reasons and also offer them a comment box. Make sure you thank them for their patronage and that you are sorry to see them leave during the easy unsubscribe process. If you make it a pleasant experience, they may come back at a later date.

If you find out that the reason most of your customers leave is because your content is not the information they are looking for, then it is time to reevaluate your content. It could be that they’ve simply outgrown you, which is one thing you cannot change. If you publish other newsletters, make sure you provide your customers with a way of easily accessing them through the unsubscribe link. That can be the encouragement that they need to stick around.

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