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Email Marketing Wiki was found with the scope to help non-professional email marketers learn the essential basics of email marketing. It often happens that the newcomers not well-informed about the rules of legitimate email marketing commit gross mistakes. Here you can find information on all facets of email marketing. The articles will help you get a profound understanding of e-marketing to be able to apply it correctly.

Email Marketing Wiki covers the best and the most efficient practices. All articles presented at this website are grounded on a real experience of skilled email marketers. All visitors are welcome to place their commentaries and corrections, or simply add their own content.


Email Marketing Basics

What Is Email Marketing

Why Do Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Vs Direct Marketing

Email Tactics and Strategies

Email Marketing Strategies For 2008

Quick Tips To Boost E-Mail Marketing Usability

Rules To Write Email Subject Lines Right

Guidelines For Writing A Powerful Call To Action

Things To Check Before Starting Your Email Campaign

Practical Tips For Improving Your Email Marketing Campaign

Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

Design & Layout

The Essential Elements Of Email Design

Email Design Guidelines

How Message Size, Number of Links and Subject Length Affects Email Results

HTML Versus Plain Text

HTML Trustworthy E-Mail Tips

Making Text E-Mails Displayed As Intended


Why Do You Need Permission?

List Rental

Renting Email Lists: Costs, Deliverability, And Targeting Renting

E-Mail List Buying: Hints And Tips

List Management

Strategies To Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers

An Effective Unsubscribe Process

Ways To Build Permission-Based Email Lists

Segment Your List Using Link Click-Through Tracking

Email Deliverability

Quick Tips To Reduce Email Bounces

E-Mail Deliverability Tips

Low Risk Email Marketing

Best Practices For 100% E-Mail And Newsletter Delivery

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email marketing basics
Tactics and Strategies
Design & Layout
List Management
Email Deliverability